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Can you think of a better way to visit Paris than on bicycle?

You have a panoramic view of 360°, you can go at your own pace in a relaxed manner and stop when and where you want, or you can ride quickly and see a lot since the bicycle is the fastest means of transportation in the city. At any moment you can stop to take a photograph, to go into an interesting boutique, to get a closer look at a monument . . . or to listen to your guide, a historian with a diploma from Sciences-Po, who will give you a commentary about the architecture and history of his native Paris.

But Paris is more than its monuments. It also consists of grand avenues, and of little streets with no famous monuments, but simply with beautiful buildings, animated commercial life, and the streets where people live, where they promenade, and where cars won’t interfere with our circulation.

And don’t forget the parks and gardens, the banks of the Seine, the canal Saint-Martin, since as its original coat of arms reminds us, Paris is a river city.


According to your wishes and your physical fitness, and according to your knowledge of the city or the other visits you have arranged, we will plan our itinerary together, which will use as many bike paths and small, calm streets as possible.

If you don’t have your own bike with you, yours will be the famous “vélib” (www.velib.paris.fr), a bike that you can rent 24/7 at any of the 250 stations in Paris and which will cost you only 4 euros for half a day. Helmets are highly recommended. Your guide can provide you with one if you don’t have one.


Price list of the visit of Paris on bicycle : 3 hours: 1 person : 110 €.
2 people  : 60 € per person
3 people : 45 € per person
4 people : 38 € per person
5 people : 32 € per person
More : to determine.