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If you are a French individual (or a foreigner residing in France, notably from a fiscal point of view), you can pay with a “chèque-emploi-service” (you can ask for this at your bank). Advantages: legal, simple, reduces your taxes. The “chèque-emploi-service” offers the advantage of the salary of the cook (the employer and cooks are notably covered in case of an accident), the client and the cook are completely following the rules concerning social legislation, and the payment of social charges for the salaried employer. There are no formalities to declare: all you have to do is to fill out the check and its “volet social.” Most importantly, this method is financially beneficial. The employer pays the salaried person and the social charges, but half of this is deductible from your taxes. Thus, if the price comes to 100 euros, the employer will pay 100 euros plus the social charges, which would come to about 150 euros. But a half of this sum is deductible from your taxes, so the total cost would only be 75 euros. Thus, 25% of the charge is saved!

If you are not French, or if you are not an individual (you are an association, a group, a business), you will pay the Association of the Banquet des Muses, which will remunerate the cook. The payment can be made by wire, or in cash (in this case the client will receive a receipt).

If you pay the cook directly, the payment must be received at the beginning of our meeting (more will be asked afterwards if the cook must buy things head of time, or if it’s for a group of 5 or more people). If you pay the Banquet des Muses, the payment must be received AT LEAST TWO DAYS before the date of the meal.